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Over 15 Years Of Strategic Positioning

Ubicuo Innovations Limited is a company established to provide highly specialised engineering consultancy services in localization, positioning and navigation technologies to businesses worldwide.

We have 15+ years of experience in evaluating and developing state-of-the-art and application-specific positioning and navigation systems for scientific, industrial, automotive and aeronautical applications. 

Ubicuo Innovations exists to enable disruptive advances in the fields of positioning, navigation, and localization worldwide. We are here to boost your team and help your company to lead the path towards the next-generation autonomous ecosystem. 

We want to superpower your team and help you
to be a forerunner in this future.
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You have a fantastic idea and want to make sure the market is ready for it?

  • We will take up a multimodal approach and analyze your concept from both regulatory and technical points of view.
  • We will even help you forecast its sales prospects.



  • Planning for the unknown: Engineering and Research and development projects are plagued with unknowns.
  • Solution Architecture, technology choice
  • Algorithm design and software prototyping.



Independent Product And Service Evaluation:

  • We objectively audit your product or service and make recommendations to improve its performance, integrity, security level or commissioning/operation costs.



Take your development team to the next level with workshops tailored to your needs:

  • Take advantage of our pragmatic approach to innovation and our 15+ years of experience in positioning and navigation technologies.

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What we do and How we do it 

We know you want to change the future. So do we. We also know a thing or two about technology; we are here to not only give you expert advice but to stay with you till the end to witness your success. This is our ambition. 

We also understand the value of know-how and innovation for your organisation. This is why non-disclosure agreements are available to protect what is yours. Want to know more? Contact Us now.


About our CEO

David Fernandez Prim

“We provided consultancy services in the field of positioning and navigation to clients on commercial opportunities for sustainable technological business ventures. Our mission is help grow your business in the field of Positioning, Navigation and Location.”

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